Leave of absence
Wednesday, 01 April 2009, Written by Julien   
There has been a long time since I last blogged. The reason is not that I am not interested about environment anymore (I have actually been answering to comments and to requests for Respro masks since September), I have just been busy with other things. In the meantime, I have been interested, annoyed, touched by many topics regarding environment. I'll try to catch up in the coming weeks!
Here are few of the things I was busy with over the last few months:
  • Establishing a sustainable business in China: I am commited to bring solutions against pollution to individuals. I did it through this blog since 2006, but to be able to do it on a sustainable way, I wanted to be able to live from it. I registered a proper company in China (it's not so easy, believe me!) and I now have a fully fledged import-export WFOE. I am able to bring more ideas and products to the market!
  • Linking French companies. I care for the environment but I also care for my community, French companies in China. I've worked a lot on that in the last 2 years and in January, we hold a great Forum to help French companies working together. Big Challenge, big achievement: Forum Travailler Ensemble (fr) .
  • Representing French companies: to continue my involvement with French business community, I am now member of the Board of the French Chamber in China. It's a great place to bring positive change!
With all these commitments, I'll definitely stay a few more years in Beijing, despite the pollution ;) Keep in touch!
Fred wrote : great!
Hey! thanks for coming last night, it had really been a while. Also very looking forward to you blogging again. Us lost souls in this polluted world definitely need information.
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