A step toward a common air pollution index in Europe!
Friday, 21 December 2007, Written by Julien   
I just discovered this website: www.airqualitynow.eu. It is an European webportal to compare air quality across borders.

I think that's a very good news for citizens' awareness about outdoor pollution. Right now, each country (and sometime each city) has its own index, making it really hard for normal people to understand and compare.
Air quality in Europe
26 cities are already participating to this initiative. I hope more and more cities will join it, so Europe could have a well understood Common Air Quality Index!

I created the comparator on this website, so people could translate Chinese pollution in their national standard. I will soon add this CAQI in the comparator...
Sev wrote :
Hello ! Alors, on prend les paris... On en est à une semaine de la fin de l'année, alors est-ce que la municipalité de Pékin va tenir sa promesse de 245 jours de "ciel bleu" en 20... [more]
Pollution in China seen by NYT
Monday, 17 December 2007, Written by Julien   
The New York Times is free since few months only and that's definitely good news (you only need a free registration). They are currently publishing a really interesting series of articles about pollution in China.

I read the first article some months back, As China Roars, Pollution Reaches Deadly Extremes, which gives an in depth overview of the situation in China.

It is actually part of a complete series called "Chocking on growth", which already has 8 long articles plus videos, dealing with subjects like water, air, Three Gorges dam...

The last article is about food, In China, Farming Fish in Toxic Waters. Read it and you will think twice before eating fish in China again!
NYT Farming Fish in toxic water - ChinaPicture: Chang W. Lee/The New York Times
Compare now pollution in Shanghai!
Sunday, 16 December 2007, Written by Julien   
Up to now, it was only possible to compare pollution in Beijing to pollution indexes of other cities/countries around the world.

Now, it is also possible to compare the pollution in Shanghai, with all the indexes available:
  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • France
  • Hong Kong
  • Madrid
  • UK
  • the USA
Geoengineering, or how not to reduce CO2 emissions!
Saturday, 15 December 2007, Written by Julien   
World leaders are gathering in Bali, trying to agree on how to reduce CO2 emissions and how to limit climate change. Even if the talks result in an agreement setting a cap on emissions by 2020, the reduction of C02 in the atmosphere is a long term issue.

Other options are being developed to prevent climate change much quickly, by engineering the planet. Those geoengineers have many ideas such as injecting CO2 into oceans, storing CO2 in empty gas reservoirs, shielding the planet from the sun...

The more the planet heats, the less those options will seem surrealistic. The following video explains how to create sulfur clouds above the poles to reduce global warming, and explains how this could be integrated in an overall plan against climate change:

China already uses missiles to concentrate rains on Beijing. I guess they could easily propose their skills to reduce the impact of their emissions and to keep focusing on economical growth.

Who would bet it will not happen?
Pollution seen from above...
Monday, 29 October 2007, Written by Julien   
NASA has a great website to see natural hazard from the sky. It gives a different view of all natural accidents breaking the news (storms, pollution, fires...).

I went on this website to have a look on the huge fires in California. It is really impressive to see that the smoke is spreading all over the southern part of the state.
Fires in California
I also discovered that another hazard listed is the haze over Northern China:
Carbon monoxid over China
Interestingly, there is not only haze (we are quite aware of that!) but there is also carbon monoxide:
Haze over China
Carbon monoxide is "odorless, colorless, and still toxic, and can be lethal in large amounts. Smaller amounts can cause fatigue, impaired vision, and nausea. Carbon monoxide additionally acts as a precursor smog and ground-level ozone."

Panda domestique wrote :
Complètement ouff ce blog ! Trop stylé ! Sérieux, ça devient irrespirable ici, on peut même plus manger un morceau de bambou tranquillement, posé sur son petit bout de caillou sans étouffer... [more]
Welcome to Pollution-China.com
Thursday, 30 November 2006, Written by Julien   
The aim of this website is to deal with pollution in China and how to live with it.

We all know that pollution is everywhere in China: air, water, soil, food... And we all know that this pollution has an impact on our life and our health. That's a fact, but what? Should we flee away or should we live in bunkers, eating can food and drinking imported water???

I'm sure that there are other options, to keep living in China and still not altering too much our life expectancy. That's the scope of this website: Talking about pollution, but in a proactive way.

Since february 2008, we not only talk about pollution, we also act: We bring solutions to the market, solutions for protecting our health, solutions for reducing our impact!

Feel free to give your comments and share your own solutions.

Technical notice: This website is made using only open source softwares (notably Joomla! and Ubuntu) and is compliant with internet standards (XHTML, CSS and RSS). For more information on open source in Beijing, visit the Beijing LUG !
Adrien wrote :
For those of us who (still) like to bike in Beijing, we're REALLY concerned about how coal, exhaust pipes and dust are clogging up our respiratory systems... Keep us posted on how to deal wi... [more]
Anne-Paule Martin wrote Contact:
Bonjour, Je suis journaliste à la Radio Suisse Romande et j'aurais aimé entrer en contact avec vous... assez vite, ma foi! Auriez-vous la gentillesse de m'indiquer à quel numéro de téléphone... [more]
emmanuel raoul wrote demande d'interview:
Bonjour! Je suis journaliste à LCI, La Chaine Info et j'aurais souhaité réaliser une interview par téléphone à propos de votre travail de veille sur la pollution en chine. Si vou sêtes d'ac... [more]
I have a question. If farmers farmlands were sold despite of farmers disagreement,to build factories like eletroplating, if farmers all signed 'DO NOT AGREE' to sell the last piece of lands,... [more]
Julien wrote :
You are right that local pollution caused by "illegal" factories is a big issue. I regularly read stories about farmers protesting against this kind of practices. I remember that two years ... [more]
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