How to choose your RESPRO mask?
Monday, 28 April 2008, Written by Trouni   

When choosing your RESPRO® mask, you should take the following points into consideration:

  1. The city you live in, and hence the type of pollution you are exposed to -- filtration type
  2. The activity you plan to do while wearing the mask -- mask type
  3. The size of the mask -- mask size

The city you live in, and hence the type of pollution you are exposed to

You have to identify the type of pollution you will be exposed to while wearing the mask (chemicals/gases or particles, learn more about air pollution).

mask_techno.jpg For each type of pollution, RESPRO® provides specific filters:
  • City filter: chemicals & gases, coarse particles
  • Sportsta / Aero filter: all particles
  • Techno filter: all particles, chemicals & gases
(more details about the different RESPRO® filters)

You live in Northern China (Beijing)

The heaviest pollutant in Beijing is particulate matter which comes from three main sources: car traffic, factories and construction sites.
The combustion of coal in the cities surrounding Beijing also contributes to the pollution of Beijing’s air.

If you live in Beijing, you should consider buying a mask that filters particles.

We would recommend: the Techno filter or the Sportsta filter.
(for the highly sensitive individuals, we recommend the Aero mask)
The City filter should not be preferred for Beijing since it doesn't filter fine particles (only chemicals).

You live in  Southern China (Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong)

The pollution in Southern China is mainly chemicals. They come from two main sources: industries and car traffic.

If you live in Shanghai, Guangzhou or Hong Kong, you should consider buying a mask that filters chemicals.

We would recommend: the Techno filter, the City filter or the Bandit scarf.
(for the highly sensitive individuals, we recommend the Aero mask)

The activity you plan to do while wearing the mask

Respro Sportsta anti-pollution maskWhile doing sports, you need to breathe more air, and that's why you have to take it into consideration while choosing a mask.
The RESPRO® Sportsta Mask is specially designed to offer maximum ventilation without sacrificing filtration. If you need protection while doing intense physical activity, you should consider getting a RESPRO® Sportsta Mask . Its specially designed exhalation valves will make it easier for you to breathe, maximizing your performance while wearing a mask.

The size of the mask

A mask must be able to seal properly around the nose and mouth so that the air that is being inhaled is actually passing through the filter. Otherwise, no matter how effective the filter is, the user will still be inhaling polluted air.

Most of the masks exist in different sizes so you can always find a mask which seals correctly around your face.

RESPRO® Aero mask smallWith the exception of the Bandit (only one size) there are two sizes available: medium and large. Generally, medium will be suitable for the average size women and large for the average size man

The Aero mask also has a small size for children.



Wendy Kaufman wrote : What about actual children?
Not teens or preteens. I am considering the expat life in Shanghai. I have 7-year-old twins. What sort of protection can I get for them? I can't imagine subjecting them to the sort of pollution I have seen in the expat blogs. What can I do for them?
Jim wrote :
You can't take children to these places in China. I've been in Shenzhen for 3 weeks and the pollution is appalling. You're basically coughing up green gack every morning. If you take children here you'll cripple them.
Debbie wrote :
I'm interested in a face mask that will protect me from both odors and particulates/dusts of such chemicals as vehicle/furnace fuel exhaust, lawn care fertilizer, toxins from wood smoke and other items burning in fire pits,as well as scented cleaning chemicals/laundry products, paints, and the like. I'm not looking to just cover up the odor with a odor masking filter, it's also the particulates I'm concerned about! Should I choose the 'city' filter mask for optimum protection against it all?
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