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Earth Week?
Tuesday, 28 April 2009, Written by Julien   
Last Wednesday was Earth Day. I went to the BBQ organized by Greening the Beige . After Earth Hour at the end of March, it was another occasion to talk about environment. It is really nice to talk but I have the feeling that those awareness rising initiatives do not have big impact in the short term.

earth_small.jpgSwitching from electricity to candles for an hour is quite debatable from a pure environmental point of view (candles are much less efficient than bulbs!) and it might also give a wrong message: "Switch off the lights for one hour and forget about environment until next year"! I found this great article from The Australian that sums it up well. What stated there is so true: "Unfortunately, this event - as with many public proposals on climate change - is an entirely symbolic gesture that creates the mistaken impression that there are easy, quick fixes to climate change."

Earth Day is a bit better as the message tends to be less simplistic, but still: it is quite easy to change your way of life for a single day. You can wait one day to wash your clothes, you can work one day from home to avoid using cab, you can make the extra effort to close the tap while brushing your teeth on that day... but would you be able to keep it up longer?

We have to change our way of life on the long term to really reduce our impact on the environment. So what about creating an Earth Week? It could be great fun and really have a positive impact.

We could have something like:
  • You choose one area where you think you could easily reduce your impact on environment for example transportation or electricity consumption or water consumption.
  • For two weeks before the Earth Week, you monitor your usage on this area (eg check the electricity or water meters or collect your taxi/gas bills) to know how much you really use.
  • You commit on a change you are willing to make (eg: cutting your cab/car usage by half, lower your water consumption by 20%).
  • During Earth Week you stick to this commitment.
  • At the end of the week, you can decide to stick to this commitment for the rest of the year!

I would love to do that. What about you?
Johan wrote :
This is a very interesting article and I appreciate your initiative. [more]
Speech tonight at Cheung Kong GSB
Monday, 27 April 2009, Written by Julien   
ckgsb_logo.jpgJust to let you know, I'll be speaking tonight at a panel organized at the Cheung Kong GSB in Beijing. The topic of the panel is:
"Net Capitalists : Making Money Online - A Panel Discussion

Three Beijing-based professionals talk about their entrepreneurial
experiences using the web to make profit and give you tips on starting
out on your own commercial online adventure."

The panel is part of the Cheung Kong Open Lecture Series. It starts at 7pm, in Oriental Plaza E3, 12th floor (subway Dongdan on line 1 and line 5). Free.

Where to get your mask?
Friday, 03 April 2009, Written by Julien   
In addition to our online catalogue, the products will be more and more available in regular shops.
For now, you can find some Respro masks in the following stores:


Beijing, Dongcheng - Lama Temple: Natooke is foreign owned and managed with fluent English, Chinese, German, Italian and French staff. Natooke is the only fixed-gear bike and juggling store in China.

whs-logo-small.jpgBeijing, CBD and Shunyi: World Health Store is foreign owned and managed with fluent English & Chinese staff. Also available in store is the biggest array of imported health, vitamins, sports supplements in all of China.

Beijing, Haidian district: Merida Bicycle shop. Chinese service only.
Click here to find how to get to these stores .

Domestic Panda wrote :
This is really good news! And I can't wait to come back to Beijing to see how did the air quality change since the end of the Olympics... Anyway, I'm glad I gave my lungs a break with some "... [more]
wheezer wrote order inquiry...:
Hi Julian.... My friend and I are located in Shanghai and would like to order 2 mask (male size & female size) Could you please contact me at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it in regards to mask select... [more]
Red Monkey wrote :
Hi Julien, We are riding in Shanghai and we would like to buy some of your masks. Any dealers in town? Merci!
Leave of absence
Wednesday, 01 April 2009, Written by Julien   
There has been a long time since I last blogged. The reason is not that I am not interested about environment anymore (I have actually been answering to comments and to requests for Respro masks since September), I have just been busy with other things. In the meantime, I have been interested, annoyed, touched by many topics regarding environment. I'll try to catch up in the coming weeks!
Here are few of the things I was busy with over the last few months:
  • Establishing a sustainable business in China: I am commited to bring solutions against pollution to individuals. I did it through this blog since 2006, but to be able to do it on a sustainable way, I wanted to be able to live from it. I registered a proper company in China (it's not so easy, believe me!) and I now have a fully fledged import-export WFOE. I am able to bring more ideas and products to the market!
  • Linking French companies. I care for the environment but I also care for my community, French companies in China. I've worked a lot on that in the last 2 years and in January, we hold a great Forum to help French companies working together. Big Challenge, big achievement: Forum Travailler Ensemble (fr) .
  • Representing French companies: to continue my involvement with French business community, I am now member of the Board of the French Chamber in China. It's a great place to bring positive change!
With all these commitments, I'll definitely stay a few more years in Beijing, despite the pollution ;) Keep in touch!
Fred wrote great!:
Hey! thanks for coming last night, it had really been a while. Also very looking forward to you blogging again. Us lost souls in this polluted world definitely need information.