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New content on outdoor pollutants
Tuesday, 03 June 2008, Written by Julien   
Factory, chimney and smokeI have been writing this blog for more than 18 months already and I have gathered quite a significant knowledge base. However, blogging has one disadvantage: it is not easy to find the content wrote months ago! For example, did you remember this nice article on thermal inversion or this one on traffic policemen life expectancy .

Thus, I decided to make the information more directly available to the readers! The first step in this process is to publish the basic data I gathered along the way. You can know access a whole section on outdoor air pollution , listing the main pollutants, their origin and their impact on health. As usual, would you have any question, just comment the articles and I'll try my bet to bring you the answers!

Next, I will arrange all the data regarding the pollution indexes around the world (including pollution in Beijing).
Mark Donald wrote Pollution Indices:
Hi Julien, We met at beijinglug a couple of months ago, where you gave a presentation on some of this stuff... I remember you showed some slides of various indices in different countries, i... [more]