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Respro Masks price cut! Breathing good air is now cheaper!
Tuesday, 31 August 2010, Written by Julien   
Because air pollution levels stay high in China, we pursue our efforts to make clean air accessible to more and more people. With increasing volumes of Respro anti-pollution masks sold every day in China we have been able to lower our costs. We are proud to announce a major price cut on Respro Masks and Filters in China by up to 20%.

Our most popular product, the Respro Techno Mask is now only RMB399, below the RMB400 thresold, and Respro Sportsta Mask is down to RMB389. Metro Mask and Bandit Scarf are even more accessible from RMB279.

In addition, to help you reduce the opertating costs of your Respro mask, we now propose sepcial offers:

All our products are still available in Beijing, in Shanghai, in Guangzhou and all over China, through our distributors and this website (link to the catalogue ).
plumbing wrote This is great!:
Respro Masks are always have been a good air filter on a smog polluted street. These are very suitable masks to counter air pollution.
Bill wrote Look at this:
I am living in China despite the horrendous pollution. Take a look at these pics and feel free to link to them to drive home the point that Chinese air is beyond bad! [more]
Billy wrote environment is important:
taking care of the environment is important